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[70/83]  ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING [83/00 - Ord. 2018]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 60


Acquiring knowledge and understanding: understanding the basics of microcontroller-based systems, special-purpose systems and the related development techniques.
Applying knowledge and understanding: developing the capability of analyzing, designing and optimizing a microcontroller-based system, understanding the concepts and techniques for design and programming microcontrollers.
Making informed judgements and choices: develop the ability to properly use CAD/EDA tools for programming, designing and prototyping microcontroller systems.
Communicating knowledge and understanding: technical language of microcontroller system design.
Capacities to continue learning: integrating information provided by different parties, reading and understanding commercial datasheets of industrial products.


Basic knowledge of digital system design concepts.


The basics of hardware/software design for microcontroller systems will be presented, including instructions, architecture, bus structures, memory mapping, peripheral interaction, programming, and execution flow. The course will include hands-on sessions aimed at the acquisition of technical skills involving real microncontrollers.

Teaching Methods

Lectures (30h) and lab sessions with simulators and development boards (30h). The course will be taken mainly in person. To face the current epidemiological situation, the possibility of offering streaming lessons and of making them available on-line is envisioned. Moreover, the lab sessions could be attended using remote interaction methods with adequate tools and IT support.
[11:20, 29/7/2022] Massimo Barbar: Si, lascia

Verification of learning

Oral exam. The knowledge of the course topics will be verified, and the skills acquired during lab sessions will be evaluated. The student will have to master the techniques learned during lab experiments. Related skills will be verified through an adequately commented presentation of the lab results.


David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy - "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface"

More Information

Lecture slides will be made available when needed, to integrate the book content.

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