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Second Semester 
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[1/31]  LAW [31/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 48


Students will learn the problems and methodology to apply the comparative methodology in the field of contract law. They will acquire the relevant fundamental notions in this subject matter, also with regards sovranational law and international contracts.


The course is available to students who have passed the exams of Private Law and Constitutional/Public Law.


The course deals with the basic notions of the law of contract in different legal systems, with more specific regard to the opposition civil law/common law and in the light of EU and international law.
In particular the following aspects will be analysed: sources of contract law, including EU law, relevant international conventions and private international law; consumer and business contracts; definition of contract; cause and consideration; formation of contract; offer, acceptance, revocation; good faith and pre-contractual liability; penalty clauses; definition of "consumer"; unfair terms.
Materials form different legal systems will be analysed

Teaching Methods

Lessons and seminars
Discussion groups
Methodology: extensive use of materials, such as case law (comparison between decisions of different legal systems)and legislation

Verification of learning

Test during the course and discussions in order to allow students to evaluate the gradual understanding and acquired knowledge.
Final oral exam (unless otherwise agreed with the student)


It will be indicated before the beginning of the course (February 2022)

More Information

Attendance at the lessons is recommended.

Questionnaire and social

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