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Second Semester 
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[1/31]  LAW [31/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 48


Advanced knowledge of systems of private rights protection, especially those connected to the European consumer low. An approfondiment study of the main conceptual and applicational problems concerning the safeguards of the new privacy systems focused on private autonomy. By acquisition of knowledge and arguing techniques, the aim is the mastery in contractual system of consumer protection and the refinement of the capabilities of investigating and solving legal problems.


It is expected the prerequisities of private law for the purpose of sustaining the exam.


The teaching will focus on European disciplines of contractual protection of consumer rights, some aspects of which will be highlighted during lectures and seminars. During the exam special attention will be focused on the specific practical application problems.

Teaching Methods

The course is held by prof. Carlo Pilia and Prof. Anna Maria Siniscalchi.
The course includes 48 hours of lessons with reconstructive critical, historical and comparative methods, together with seminars and tutorials.
Lessons will ber provided mainly in person, integrated ad 2devoloped" with online strategies, in order to guarentee their fruition in an innovative ad inclusive way.
To meet specific educational needs related to the epidemiological situation, it is
the possibility of live streaming lessons or recordings thereof available online.
Furthermore, the exercises can be carried out through forms of remote interaction with available IT supports.
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Verification of learning

Profile oral exams and an intermediate test of verification of learning on the dates in the calendar.
The tests may take place, individually and in groups, by means of written and oral interviews, even remotely using IT aids (Moodle, Teams, Skype,


Carlo Pilia, Il registro europeo dei mediatori online, in Quaderni di conciliazione, Cagliari, 2018;

Giuseppe Vettori, Contratto e rimedi effettivi (part), Cedam, Padova, 2017

More Information

Prof. Carlo Pilia and Prof. Anna Maria Siniscalchi will be available for students during lectures, interviews of pre-esam, examinations and by e-mail, and skype request of students for appointment.
Dr. Andreea F. Piras Covaci gets the students on wednesday from 16 to 18.
Dr. Valentina Sportiello gets the students on Thursday from 16 to 18.

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