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[1/31]  LAW [31/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 12 96


The course is intended to teach students, from the first year, the knowledge of the general theory and the basic principles of that part of the legal system designed to regulate relations between individuals, while contributing to its legally qualified.
The aim of the course is to teach students to deal with appropriate bases the other teachings of the degree course.


There are no prerequisites to take the exam.


This course offers an introduction to the system of private law which is in force in Italy, especially focusing on the following topics:
- sources of the law
- natural persons and juridical persons
- family law
- hereditary succession and gifts inter vivos
- things, rights in rem and possession
- obligations and contracts
- civil liability
- protection of rights

Teaching Methods

This course will be structured in traditional lecturing (96 hours) and seminars on the principles of the Italian legal system and the most important topics of private law.
Because of the health emergency, lectures could be attended in the traditional way or online simultaneously.
Each student, at the beginning of the term, can opt for the former or the latter manner of attendance. The choice is binding. The availability of classes and the number of attended students could force a shifting to access in the class.

Verification of learning

Students skills will be verified by means of oral examinations on the contents of the course. Grading will depend on the level of knowledge about subjects of the course, on the public speaking ability and, finally, on the use of legal terms with pertinence.
Students who will attend, at least, to 70% of lessons, will be allowed to take a preliminary conversation about a part of the program as it will be arranged with the professor. The pre-exam's mark will be valid until the end of the sessions of the related academic year (January/February).

Student evaluation will be estimated according to the following docimology criteria:
1) Failure: lacking knowledge of the course objectives and insufficient analytical and communication skills.
2) From 18 to 21: sufficient knowledge; minimum knowledge of the course objectives, with minimal gaps;
3) From 22 to 24: average grade of knowledge, characterized by a not in-depth study of the subject and by remediable gaps in the continuation of the degree programme.
4) From 25 to 27: good knowledge, but not particularly scrutinized; appropriate technical language;
5) From 28 to 30: excellent knowledge; technical language and communication skills are really accurate;
6) 30 cum laude: when the characteristics of excellence showed under 5) are on their highest possible level.


A. TORRENTE, P. SCHLESINGER, Manuale di diritto privato, Milan, Giuffrè, 2019, 24th edition.

- Nozioni preliminari chapters I-V (pp. 3-70)
- L'attività giuridica e la tutela giurisdizionale dei diritti chapters VI-X (pp. 71-233) and XII (pp. 242-266)
- I diritti reali · chapters XIII-XVI (pp. 267-374)
- I diritti di credito · chapters XVII-XXIV (pp. 375-510)
- I contratti in generale · chapters XXV-XXXVIII (pp. 511-690)
- I singoli contratti, but only:
°°°° a) La compravendita · chapter XLI (pp. 717-736);
°°°° b) L'appalto · chapter XLIII, par. 387 (pp. 761-767);
°°°° c) Il mandato · chapter XLIV, par. 390 (pp. 777-781);
°°°° d) I principali contratti reali · chapter XLV (pp. 793-802);
°°°° e) I contratti diretti a costituire una garanzia · chapter XLVIII (pp. 824-830).
- Le obbligazioni nascenti da atti unilaterali · chapter LI (pp. 841-846) - excepted point D) - I titoli di credito
- Le obbligazioni nascenti dalla legge · chapter LIV (pp. 879-886)
- Le obbligazioni nascenti da atto illecito chapter LV (pp. 887-964)
- I rapporti di famiglia · chapter LXVI, only the par. 579 (p. 1176); chapters LXVII e LXVIII (pp. 1201-1239); chapter LXXII-bis (pp. 1290-1304)
- La successione per causa di morte · chapter LXXIII, only the par. 623-624 (pp. 1305-1312); chapter LXXV (pp. 1346-1351)
- La pubblicità immobiliare · chapter LXXXI, only paragraphs 681-687 (pp. 1423-1435).


C. CICERO, Istituzioni di diritto privato, Firenze, 2018.

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Office hours

Prof. Corrado Chessa receives students and graduands on Thursday from 4.00 P.M.

Dott. Federico Onnis Cugia receives students on Monday from 5.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. and on Thursday from 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. and from 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M by appointment (

Dott. Filippo Pani receives students on Thursday from 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M by appointment by appointment (

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