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Position and qualifications: I am associate professor in General Sociology (SSD/C1, nov. 2020-). I am habilitated to the rank of full professor in General Sociology (SSD 14/C1, nov. 2020-) and to the rank of associate professor in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes (SSD 14/C2, march 2018-).  I hold an MA (2004) and a PhD (2008) in Sociology from the University of Essex, and a Laurea (four-year degree, 2002) in Political Science, cum laude, from the University of Cagliari.

Interests: I mainly work in the area of youth research, space and time, and qualitative methods. I am interested in topics at the interstices of these areas, such as youth mobility and youth policy.  

Previous experiences: At the University of Cagliari I have also been Assistant Professor (RTDb and RTDa) and post doc (funded by the Region of Sardinia grants). Outside of Italy, I have covered the positions of research associate at the University of Kent, in UK, on the 7FP programme ALICE RAP; more recently I have worked at the Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, University of Erfurt, Germany, under the programme Marie Curie COFUND H2020 for experienced researchers. I have held visiting positions in Germany (as Gastwissenschaftlerin at the Deutsches Jugendinstitute (February- March 2017, to cooperate in the H2020 MOVE project) and in Austria (as Senior Research Fellow at the Sociology Institute, University of Vienna, Sept- dec 2018).

Teaching: I have held university courses in the area of introductory sociology, advanced sociology and (qualitative) methods since 2006-2007, both at undergraduate and graduate level (University of Cagliari). More recently, I have started to teach sociology of political phenomena. Prior, I was graduate teaching assistant (University of Essex, Dept of Sociology).  I have held guest lectures at the University of Wuppertal (2016), in the doctoral programme ASEP of the University of Milan Bicocca (2017), and at the Sociology Institute of the University of Vienna (2018).

Projects and collaborations: I currently coordinate the project IANG (Indagine Aperta sulle Nuove Generazioni), funded by Fondazione Sardegna. I am a team member of PRIN 'Mapping Youth Futures' (PI G. Mandich), ‘L'esperienza dell'Alternanza Scuola Lavoro in Sardegna’, funded by the Region of Sardinia (PI M. Pitzalis) and SMILE (Erasmus +, local coordinator E Cois) and Austerity and Altered Life-Courses (funded by UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship coordinated by PI S M Hall, University of MAnchester).  

In the past, I participated to the PRIN projects ‘Le trasformazioni dell'esperienza del tempo nella società contemporanea', and 'Costruzione e ricostruzione dello spazio-tempo nelle pratiche del quotidiano'. I have worked on youth related projects of the Council of Europe several times, and I have collaborated with Agenzia Nazionale Giovani/Eurodesk Italy on the project ‘Yes4Europe: I miei diritti per la cittadinanza’. With Eurodesk Italy, I now coordinate the project ‘My first Eures job’.

Networks: I am in the advisory board of the European Sociological Association Research Network Youth & Generation (2017-), following the role of coordinator (2015-2017), vice coordinator (2013-2015) and board member (2011-2013). I am also a member of ISA (RC34 Sociology of Youth), AIS (Vita Quotidiana), AIRIcerca, CIRD (Centro  Interdipartimentale  per  la  Ricerca Didattica). I am a member of the network ITER/IARD, of the research group working on the European platform Youth Wiki in Italy (coordinated by M Merico), and an external member of the ‘Newcastle Youth Studies Group’. I have held two mandates as a member of the PEYR (Pool of European Youth Researchers) to support the CoE-EC Youth Partnership in the field of youth on matters of youth policy.

Peer review: I do extensive peer review work. I am part of the Brill suite for youth and globalization (which includes ‘Youth in a globalising world series’, ‘Brill Research perspective in Global Youth’ and the  book series ‘Youth and Globalization’). I have reviewed ad hoc for Journal of Youth Studies, Young, Sociological Research Online, Qualitative Sociology, Sage Open, Time & Society, Space & Culture, Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, Gender, Place and Culture, AIS-Journal of Sociology, Partecipazione e Conflitto, AG-About Gender, Sociologia del Lavoro, Schermi, Autonomie Locali e Servizi Sociali, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, Polis, the Essex Graduate Journal of Sociology, Rocznik Lubuski (journals); and Brill, Springer/Palgrave, Policy press (books).

Please see document attached for details on publications and talks.

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