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  • Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Cagliari, thesis in Banking Technique with prof. R. Malavasi (1991).

            • University Diploma in Computer Science at the University of Cagliari (1994).
            • Diplome d’Etudes Superieures in Econometrics at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) (1997).

Research activity

Research in collaboration and in support of the chair of Banking Techniques from 1991 to 2000.

Researcher of Mathematical Methods for Economic, Financial and Actuarial Decisions at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Cagliari since May 2000.
Study and research activities with particular regard to:
- Multi-agent simulation models of financial market trends;
- Mathematical-statistical methods for analyzing and verifying the impact of interventions in the economic, banking and financial fields.

In 2008 I created the mathematical model and the software for implementing the SYMBOL model, published in collaboration with co-authors of the European Commission and the University of Cagliari.

From 1 December 2010 to 30 September 2012 on leave for research activities at the European Commission, Joint Research Center, unit of "Scientific support for financial analyzes", during which I played the role of scientific coordination of development and analysis of the SYMBOL model and its applications.
SYMBOL is currently used by the European Commission as a reference tool for analyzing the impact of policies and proposals for intervention in the banking field.
In particular, the Directives and Directive proposals that have expressly mentioned their role are the following:
- Harmonization of the protection funds for bank deposits;

- Minimum bank capitalization (Capital Requirement Directive IV): both the SYMBOL model and its application for the optimization of capitalization parameters (see publications) are mentioned in the impact analysis;
- Tobin Tax, formally "proposal for a Council Directive for a common system of taxation of Financial Transactions": I was invited as an expert in Brussels to discuss possible alternatives (taxation of transactions, financial activities or banking activities), where I presented together with M. Marchesi of DG MARKT the project and effects of the taxation of banking activities. The analysis and the effects we estimate have been included as "Annex XIV" in the impact analysis of the proposed Directive.
- Remediation and resolution of banking crises: Annex XIII of the impact analysis (pages 124-204) is the result of the estimates we made with the SYMBOL model. In April 2013 the European Commissioner Barnier in his official speech entitled "How science can help towards the creation of a banking union that will bring stability and growth to Europe", acknowledges that "Notre proposition de cadre européen de résolution des crises bancaires repose notamment sur le modèle SYMBOL "..." qui nous permet d'estimer la probabilité de defaut de chaque banque en tenant notamment compte des effects de contagion sur le marché interbancaire. "


I participated by invitation to the presentation of the Directive proposal to the Member States as a point of reference for the quantitative analyzes in support.

The model was also used for the stability analyzes of public finances. In particular, our estimates are contained in the stability analysis of the countries of the Euro area.
(see publications)

Speeches by invitation

- London, 2010, Financial Services Authority, presentation of the SYMBOL model;
- Rome, 2010, Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, presentation of the SYMBOL model to the president, prof. P. Savona and the technical staff;
- London, 14 January 2011, Comettee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS, subsequently transformed into Europan Banking Authority) presentation of the SYMBOL model;
- Brussels, 11 May 2011, European Commission, workshop on "FTT, FAT or Bank Levy?"
- Rome, 14 October 2011, Bank of Italy, meeting with A. Enria, chairman of the European Banking Authority;
- Brussels, 13 April 2012, presentation to the Member States of the proposal for a directive on the management of banking crises.
- Rome, October 2012, Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, presentation of the recent developments of the SYMBOL model for estimating contributions to systemic risk;
- Washington D.C, May 19, 2014, United States Department of the Treasury, presentation of the SYMBOL model and its applications to the connections between banking risk and sovereign debt.

  • Participation in conferences with presentation of scientific papers

           • 5th Italian Spanish conference on Financial Mathematics, Valencia, 19-21 June 2002.
           • 26th AMASES Conference, Verona, September 2002.
           • "Numerical methods for finance", Ca 'Foscari University, Venice, May 30, 2003
           • 27th AMASES Conference, Cagliari, September 2003
           • 28th AMASES Conference, Modena, September 2004
           • 29th AMASES Conference, Palermo, September 2005
           • VII Workshop on Quantitative Finance, Perugia, February 2006
           • 30th AMASES Conference, Trieste, September 2006
           • “Small business banking and financing: a global perspective”, Cagliari, 25-26 May 2007
           • X Italian Spanish congress of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Cagliari, 23-25 ??June 2008
           • 33rd AMASES Conference, Parma, September 2009
           • International Risk Management Conference, Florence, June 2010
           • 34th AMASES Conference, Macerata, September 2010
           • 35th AMASES Conference, Pisa, September 2011
           • XX International Tor Vergata Conference on Money, Banking and Finance, Rome, December 2011
           • XIV Workshop on Quantitative Finance, Rimini, December 2012

  • III International Conference of the Financial Engeneering and Banking Society, Paris, 6-8 June 2013-
  • Bruges, 18 April 2013, High-level Roundtable “Towards Banking Union: Open Issues” (European Commissioner Barnier among the guests).
  • 11th Infiniti Conference "The Financial Crisis, Integration and Contagion", Aix-en-Provence, 10-11 June 2013
  • 12th International Conference on credit risk evaluation “Risk, Regulation and Opportunities in an Increasingly Interconnected World”, Venice, 26-27 September 2013;
  • 2014 International Mathematical Finance Conference, Miami (FL) 19-21 March 2014

           • SUERF colloquia - FINLAWMETRICS, Milan, 4-5 June 2014

  • Financial Engineering and Banking Society, Guilford (UK), 21-23 June 2014
  • Artificial Economics, Barcelona, ??1-2 September 2014
  • International Risk Management Conference, "The New Risk Management Paradigm: How Investments, Financial Stability and Regulation will shape the European and Global Financial Markets", Luxembourg, June 2015
  • International Finance And Banking Society, "Risk in Financial Markets and Institutions: New challenges, New solutions" Barcelona (ES), 1-3 June 2016
  • Financial cycles, systemic risk, interconnectedness and policy options for resilience, Sydney (AU), 8-9 September 2016

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