Department of Economics and Business Sciences

My research interests are at the intersection of entrepreneurship, organization and innovation. Mainly, in my research, I am interested in understanding the mechanisms, such as learning, that drive entrepreneurial behaviour in the creation of new business and existing businesses.

Topics of interest include organizational learning, entrepreneurial organization, the creation of new businesses and, more generally, the individual-context nexus in the generation of change and innovation.

Teaching activity

  • "Innovation and Creativity", in the course of study in Managerial Economics
  • Co-teacher of "Healthcare Management" in the radiology technician course of study

Main publications

Loi, M., & Fayolle, A. (2022). Rethinking and reconceptualising entrepreneurship education a legacy from Alistair Anderson. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 34 (7-8), 701-721. DOI:

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Peer-reviewed Proceedings

Loi, M., Castriotta, E., Marku, E., Di Guardo, M. C., & Patriotta, G. (2021). Prospecting, balancing and reversing: entrepreneurial learning from positive and negative events. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2021, No. 1, p. 15755). Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy of Management.

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