Department of Civil, Environmental and Architecture Engineering

Gabriele Uras took with honors a degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Cagliari in 1982. He is qualified as a professional engineer.
From 22.03.1993 he served in the Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics sector of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the University of Cagliari, currently with the role of Associate Professor in the disciplinary-scientific sector GEO/05 – Engineering Geology.

He is supervisor of more than 50 dissertations for students in Environmental Engineering and in Civil Engineering of the University of Cagliari. He was tutor of several students Ph. D. in the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science for Environment and Territory and currently in Doctorate of Science and Technology of the earth and the environment.

Currently he teaches in the course of Engineering Geology, in the course of Hydrogeology and in the course of Instability of the slopes and hydrogeological risk.

The scientific work is carried out primarily in the field of hydrogeology, with reference to the problems of assessment, monitoring and management of groundwater resources. In particular, include evaluation of groundwater vulnerability, the study of seawater intrusion phenomena and artificial recharge of aquifers, flow and transport modeling in groundwater, both with numerical models with the aid of neural networks and algorithms genetic.

He was part of the U.O. Cagliari, in the framework of the activities of the National Group for the Defence from Hydrogeological Disasters. He was scientific director of the OU n°. 3 of IDRISK project financing LR 7/2007 annuities 2008 and scientific director of the project Amiris, LR 7/2007 funding annuities 2013.

He is member of the International Association of hydrogeologists (IAH) and member of the Italian Association of Engineering Geology and Environmental (AIGA). He has authored over 70 scientific publications.

CV updated in November 2020

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